I Want To Look Like A Futuristic Princess…

Here’s a portable TENS device, approved in Canada and the E.U., but not here in the U.S.

It actually doesn’t look too strange. You wear it 20 minutes a day to help prevent headaches, you can also use it to treat an existing headache. The price tag isn’t too high, $368 at Amazon.com. It may not be approved locally, but it’s available online…

If only their was a trial period available here, as there is in Canada. If it could reduce my headaches by 30% it would pay for itself in a short time.


Headache Diary

Keeping a headache diary is one of the best ways to track headaches. Depending on how in depth you get with your entries, you can learn a lot about what triggers your pain and what helps treat it. I know you can find a few different downloadable headache diaries online, but there is no one diary for everyone.

I needed something quick but detailed for my daughter, who is only 13, to use. She has been having frequent headaches, but it can be difficult to get a teenager to take time away from her busy schedule to fill in a diary. This one I just made for her is small, quick (with circle the best choice answers), and detailed enough for her.

I’m posting it here because it is unique among headache diaries and I thought we could all use another choice.

Visual Headache Diary

This diary has the visual pain scale printed daily to help with rating pain. It also has line drawings of the brain (top, left, and right) that can be shaded or colored to indicate where the pain is located. That’s why I call it the visual headache diary. If you like it, pass it on, just kindly attribute it to this blog.

Treatment News

I found this article from Medical News Today quite interesting. Although it addresses cluster headache not my specific headache, whatever that diagnosis may turn out to be, any news of new treatment options is good news.

I considered having a neurostimulator implanted last year. My insurance denied the claim and I couldn’t afford to proceed. This smaller device implanted orally would make that type of treatment both easier and less expensive.

It hasn’t been approved for use in the U.S. yet. Hopefully they will have few road blocks on the way to approval and their success will inspire others to push for research in this type of headache treatment.

Another article, this time from Head Wise,  points to research started last summer that may lead to portable, non-invasive neurostimulation treatment.

It’s great to see progress being made. I look forward to something working for me!