Post Botox, Day 3

Happy Easter everyone!

A quick update, then I’m off to bed.

The soreness from the shots has faded away, and the monstrous headache it triggered seems to be dying down.

I wouldn’t say I’m quite back to my pre-botox pain level, but I’m getting there.

The toughest part of this treatment is it’s inability to meet the expectations of those around me. I am well aware that it will be weeks before I know if there is any change, and maybe longer before I know if the treatment will help enough. I’ve been dealing with this headache long enough to know there is no quick cure.

My friends on the other hand, seem to long even more than me for that magical pill that will end the headache. Who am I to argue against their reasoning?

I long to be able to tell everyone that I am well,angel

To join in with the jogging,

To go to a concert,

To schedule things without fear of cancelling last minute.




2 thoughts on “Post Botox, Day 3

  1. Toni says:

    Oh my goodness, it is so therapeutic to read something and think ‘yeah, me too’!! I actually feel under pressure sometimes to give others good news, I know they’re waiting for me to say ‘it’s all fixed, it’s all good now’. It took me a while to accept myself that there won’t be a quick cure, for a long time, I kept waking up in the morning thinking ‘has it gone…?’!! Thank you for an interesting post.

  2. Otter says:

    You’re welcome, Toni. I am hear to entertain…and vent, and just generally share my feelings. It can be surprising to realize how much all sufferers of chronic pain share in common.

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