Daily Heroes: Migraine Awareness Month #2

As cliche as it must sound, the heroes in my life are my family.

I’ve gushed about my husband a few times throughout this blog. His support keeps me going day by day.

I haven’t talked much about my girls. They may not always get how bad it is; I try to keep being the mama they’ve always needed. There are days though when it’s painfully clear that they understand and want to help.

My dear Bells is the oldest. She has the clearest picture of how chronic headache has changed me. She knows that some days I need the tantalizing aroma of breakfast waiting for me to help me out of bed. She also understands that sometimes that smell is enough to send me running straight back to the comfort of bed.

My darling Assa-rhi is the next girl. She’s working through the young teen years, full of all the issues you’d expect. Still, she’s got a great sense of humor. Her jokes are subtle, but they can really crack you up. Her true gift is her sensitivity. She’s the one who, even though she may be missing my company, will tell me I should stop bustling around and rest.

My lovely Bri is just a tiny bit younger than Assa. She seems totally unaffected by what’s going on around her; always able to go with the flow and make the best out of it. She’s a true comic, nothing subtle about it. Her even temperament is a great asset.

Hero Bug

My little Bug, who is not so little anymore. The baby of the family, she is a bit spoiled. She’s also very sympathetic to when someone is in pain. She’s a great runner. Literally, as she has long legs for her small size, but I’m talking figuratively here. If someone needs something fetched, she’s the one to ask.

With all of my girls, it’s not just their willingness to help out when needed, though that doesn’t hurt, it’s their unfailing love that makes them all my heroes.


One thought on “Daily Heroes: Migraine Awareness Month #2

  1. Such beautiful girls!!!!!!!!! You’re so very lucky to have such superheroes on your side ❤

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