Nothing Is Alone: Migraine Awareness #5

Over 18 years ago, my husband sang to me for the first time. He introduced me to new music, but even more, to the thrill of being serenaded. 

The song he sang was Toad the Wet Sprocket’s “Nothing Is Alone.”

So very true! But not always obvious as it should be. I have days when surrounded by my family, I still feel isolated by a cloud of pain. A recent experience helped me to see through this seeming isolation.

It had been a rough few days. I was hurting and in a brain fog, but had exhausted my need for sleep. (Nice pun, eh?) We all had the day off and had spent it mostly together, but I hadn’t felt like going anywhere or doing anything.

Then I noticed my dog had a raging ear infection. I felt awful for not seeing it before and I felt I had to take her to the vet immediately. I left the house reluctantly; the vet was a 20 minute drive then a long wait for our turn.

Somehow, between petting my lovely lab and cooing over the other animals in the waiting room, I broke out of my fugue state. My furry one got the meds she needed and I got a dose of oxytocin from petting my pup.

I returned home and settled into hanging out in the living room with the family. Someone said something funny; I laughed. My husband noted that it was the first time he’d heard me laugh in over a day. (I live with some funny people; laughter is common in my house.)

It was a eureka moment. I was never alone, I just needed to let someone in.




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