The Warmth

I feel the warmth of

the sun on my face

as it rises in the Spring –

It is Hope.

Like the green shoot of a daffodil

reaching through the snow –

That flower ain’t got no sense

It just knows it’s time.

Time for a change.

So I could curl up in the snow

and let the hypothermia take me,

Content in the illusory warmth

of my own delusion

Or I can throw off the confusion

that sets in when all else fails

and raise my eyes to the Sun.

Can’t I see it’s time.

Time for a change



All Is Lost

I just watched the movie All Is Lost, starring Robert Redford. It’s not the best movie, pretty sad, a bit slow, and all about survival without the hoped for character developement.
What I did get from the movie was that it could be an accurate depiction of life with chronic illness.

Watching Redford’s character struggle to survive kept making me think of my own struggle with chronic headache.
As he conquers a new problem you are filled with hope that he might just survive.

The same happens to us all while fighting our headaches. Each new medicine gives a new sense of hope.

I won’t spoil the ending, but I do hope your journey to wellness isn’t as trying as the character’s journey in All Is Lost.