Long flowing locks

A thick braid lying heavily on my back

The bouncy swish of a ponytail when I jog

Or if I really want to be cute – pigtails.

This is how my hair has been throughout most of my life. I never needed a certain hair style. I just went to the barber for a trim if I had split ends. But a few years ago I got it into my head to try it a little shorter. My first experience with taking a photo to a stylist and saying “I want my hair to look like this” failed. Miserably.

Though everyone around me said it was cute, I was not impressed. Just about the time it was long enough to almost fit into a ponytail, we decided to be a family team raising money for St. Baldrick’s Foundation. This involved a lot of fundraising leading up to having our hair shaved publicly.

I looked alright with no hair. I didn’t even mind it while it grew out. Once again, I had no style, but I was happy enough just leaving it to grow back out. Once again, I was waiting for it to be ponytail length, my hair style comfort zone.

As of last month it was finally long enough. If I put it in a ponytail while wet, it all stayed in place. Smooth, easy, and very sporty.

But oh did my head hurt.

It hurt when I shampooed, when I brushed, and my head was just generally sore to the touch.

So I said “so long” to my dream of having long hair again and chopped it all off.

I’m happy with my new pixie cut, but my neck is cold. It hasn’t eased the head pain, but most of my scalp is less sensitive now. But I’m really having to work on my self image.

The picture of me in my head just doesn’t match the real me.


4 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. Art says:

    I’ll get you a scarf for your neck. No worries. You’re fabulous, baby. Fab – yoo – lous.

  2. terrishows says:

    Pixie cut is super adorable on you. I can barely wear a hat in the sun, a necklace, or a barrette. Glasses on my nose or temples, ow! Blessings!

  3. ha, first time to get in your page, I love your long hair. you look so pretty.

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