Long Journey

Happy anniversary to Cracked. This blog has been running for just over two years now. I’ve tried to share with my readers any aspect of my life I thought might help. To a great extent, that has meant detailing my medical journey. I’ve kept this blog focused on how I deal with chronic pain. Since nothing has changed much in my medical treatments, I haven’t felt the need to post as much.

I’ve lived with this headache for five years, and I’m done focusing on pain. There’s so much more to my life. Originally I hoped this blog would provide clues to better treatment for someone dealing with the same problems as I have. Not yet having found a successful treatment for my pain, It’s time to move forward. But, don’t worry, I don’t plan on leaving my readers behind. We can undertake this new journey together too.

So what can you look forward to from Cracked this coming year?

Thoughts about parenting and families.

My experiments in being more minimalist.

A glimpse into my spiritual life.

And, I’ll still keep you up to date on where I am medically.


One thought on “Long Journey

  1. Art says:

    Looking forward to a lot of great posts from you.

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