Breaking Up

The following is a letter to the things that are cluttering up my life. I’ve started a 21 day declutter challenge. And this post may be all you hear about it from me, because others are so much better at explaining it.

Dear stuff,

         It’s been a long time. Some of us have been together for years, others of you are new to my life. Still, you all found a place with me for a reason. Some of you were cast offs from other people, and I just couldn’t bear to let you go. What if you were needed a month down the road? Others of you helped me when I wasn’t feeling up to doing more. (3DS, I’m talking to you.) New games, you provided me with distraction too. Some of you just made me feel better in the moment. Why else would I have felt I needed yet another notebook. It couldn’t possibly be because I thought I was going to become more organized. Books about how to do things I will never do, you too helped me through, though you may have done more harm than good.

       I’d like to think you have served your purpose. As I have grown and changed, some of you are no longer necessary. You take up space in my life. You remind me of times when I wasn’t coping so well. You sit untouched, while I need to focus on becoming healthier and more fit. I believe we’ve come to a parting of ways.

       It’s not you, It’s me.

       Have a good life, wherever you end up. May you be more fulfilling in somebody else’s closet.



      Otter MacAilein


(Many thanks to Courtney Carver at for her inspiration)



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