I Just Don’t Feel Well

After battling monthly migraines and a few back to back sinus infections, there came a point when the headache just didn’t go away. I can’t pinpoint exactly when it hit. I remember talking to my husband one day and he said “You just never seem to feel well anymore.”
It was a valid point, and a real wake up call. (I need those sometimes.)
So I started keeping a food and headache diary and made an appointment to see a neurologist here in town.
My appointment was in February 2010. The neurologist probably thought I was a head case. (Which in fact I am, it is a headache after all.)
First I described my migraine history. Then I told him how this headache seemed different. It went something like this:

I’ve had Migraines since I was twelve, but this headache seems different. It never goes away. It is always on the right side of my head, I feel like there is pressure in my right eye. I’m still sensitive to light, smells, and sound. The intensity varies from bearable to intolerable – 3 to 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Somehow he came away with the idea that this was just a migraine (Just is his word, there is no Just a migraine. It is a real issue and needs to be treated as such.)

He conducted a brief physical exam and glanced at my journal. Finally, he gave me a list of food triggers, said to take ibuprofen, and billed me $250.

I did learn a few things from my visit. I had no idea yogurt was a trigger for me. It stinks too; I love yogurt. I went through a period of time when I was vegetarian, and yogurt would have been a great protein source. After the appointment is also when I started doing my own headache research online.

It was another year before I sought further treatment outside of my (kind but none to helpful) physician. Once again it came at my husband’s prompting. This time I asked my physician to refer me to a neurologist affiliated with Norton Hospital. We’ve had good experiences with Norton’s.