Second Opinion

I went to a different neurologist last week. Actually, he’s a professor who taught my neuro. As Dr. P and I were stuck, it seemed like a good idea to get a fresh perspective.

Although he didn’t say it to me personally, he was as much at a loss as Dr. P. He did remind us of a few treatments we haven’t tried, and told me about a headache I’d never heard of.

Treatment ideas:

  • Botox – If you’ve seen any headache news in the past few years you must have read about the use of Botox in treating migraines. It consists of 31 injections given with very fine needles into the head and neck. It takes up to four weeks to see results and the treatment is repeated every 3 months.
  • Nerve Block – I had an occipital nerve block done last year, but it didn’t help. It might help to try blocking other nerves on my head.
  • Or we could consider the headache I’d never heard – Pseudotumor. Pseudotumor is caused by increased pressure in the brain. A spinal tap is performed to measure the pressure of cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. If there’s too much pressure it could be the cause of my headaches. It’s aptly named pseudotumor because the symptoms mimic that of a brain tumor.

I don’t think it likely I have pseudotumor, as there are symptoms that don’t line up with mine. Though if nothing pans out, it may be worth a check. Nothing else seems to match my symptoms either!

I believe I’ll be trying the Botox soon. I’ll post about it when I do. Maybe I can even take my personal photographer with me and liven things up on this blog with some images.