A Day in the Life

I’m going to take a brief break in telling my story to flash forward to how my days pass now.
In general I have two types of days: those in which a short nap gets me through, and those in which most of my day is spent lying in bed, or at least sitting around in the dark.

A good day’s routine:

Up at 8 am



Worship time with my girls

Teaching or helping with lessons (we homeschool)





It is a lot to do in a day for anyone.Factor in the headache and it becomes impossible. For us, something is always left undone. Schooling is a tough issue, but as long as I feel my girls are better off than in public school, I’ll be sticking with it.

On a bad day – which half or more of my days seem to be lately – we throw the routine mostly out the window.
I still get up on time(ish), mostly so the girls will. Without any parental presence they will hang around in pj’s until noon. (Think public schoolers on a Saturday.)
Then I either hang around in the dark and call instructions to them from the recliner, or I give them direction and go back to bed.

Sleeping is one of the best ways to escape pain. It is pretty hard to sleep with a headache, and harder still when your body says you don’t need any more. My favorite past times are also impossible when the headache has me down. I rarely feel well enough to read, being creative is out, and the kids just can’t stay quiet enough for me to enjoy board games. Sleep and watching movies are really the only escapes I have.

The headache interferes with my days off too. I’m reluctant to schedule outings with friends, afraid I’ll have to cancel. I push myself to be available to take the girls places and to help out at church. This often leads to worse headaches later.

I try not to live like I suffer from chronic pain. I think it makes a real difference both in my outlook on life and on my ability to take care of myself and my family. There are people who don’t know I have any issues. Then again, they didn’t know me before the headache.