Good Intentions

We’ve all had headaches. As a shared experience, everyone has some understanding of the pain a headache sufferer must endure. As such, this leads to my hearing many anecdotes about others’ migraines, concussions, stress headaches, and even back pain. Along with the story always comes some sort of advice.

Often this advice comes in the form of have you tried “x”? Such as:
Vitamin d
More activity
Less activity
Essential oils

My favorite suggestions that I haven’t tried come from a very kind Indian couple that has adopted us as a second family. He has a special blend of teas for me to try, plus a daily dose of saffron. Her advice is yoga, specifically a head stand.

The great thing about all of these ideas is that they really do help with some types of headaches. Even more important to remember is that each of these ideas comes from someone who cares enough to share their wisdom.

Other times there is less advice and more admonishment. It goes something like “I had a sinus infection, and I didn’t miss work.”
Or there’s another type of encouragement: “I used to get migraines, they quit when I hit menopause.” (I’m too young to look forward to menopause.)

So what should you say to a headache sufferer?
I’m not entirely sure myself. We all get uncomfortable and tongue tied when faced with another’s disability. Just be supportive. Feel free to offer your advice, but don’t be disappointed if it isn’t taken. Last, but not least, offer your support with a willing ear to listen and shoulder to lean on.
Oh, and a steaming cup of hot tea.